CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

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Balfolk Festival CaDansa 19-22 October 2017

CaDansa, a wonderful festival full of crazy bands, funny games, beautiful connections, good coffee, local beers, and a super-de-luxe hotel with amazing breakfast.
CaDansa 2017 will be the last edition of this festival and at this moment (21st of september) we sold almost all tickets.

In our Ticketshop we still have available: Tickets for Thursday and Sunday. All sorts of weekend tickets (including Heart Warming Support Tickets) are gone, as are the tickets for Friday and Saturday, they are SOLD OUT. On Facebook people will be trying to sell their weekend tickets last minute, because they cannot join for whatever kind of reason. Keep an eye on our Facebook event.

Until it’s time to meet again in Duiven, enjoy yourself with some beautiful movies from last year!

The first movie is made by Dirk-Jan

The second movie is made by Antalle

Latest News

Clothing Swap

This year, we’re having a Clothing Swap again. So, clean out your closets, bring what you don’t wear anymore and score some cool new clothes! It will be open from opening on Thursday until 17.00 on Sunday.

Books and shoes are also welcome for swapping!

Day ticket sales

Wow! Amazing to see so many people who are still looking for tickets. We have good news for you, although not huge. 14th of September, we will start selling a limited number of day tickets (50 for each day. Next to that we have decided to sell 30 more weekend tickets. It’s not much, but at least we can make 30 more people happy.
Ticketsales opens Thursday 14th of September at 12.00 (midday/midi). Our advice is to be there in time! Get them at our ticket page.

Ticket sales online 14th of June

On wednesday 14th of June 12:00, the presale of the weekend tickets will start. No stress, last years CaDansa was sold out only a week before the festival. But because it’s the last edition you don’t want to miss, we advise you not to wait too long with buying your ticket. It could sell out before because it’s the last. The ticket shop and info about the prices you will find on our website.

Half September the presale of a limited amount of daytickets will be available online. More information will follow later.

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017