CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

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Clothing Swap

This year, we’re having a Clothing Swap again. So, clean out your closets, bring what you don’t wear anymore and score some cool new clothes! It will be open from opening on Thursday until 17.00 on Sunday.

Books and shoes are also welcome for swapping!

Day ticket sales

Wow! Amazing to see so many people who are still looking for tickets. We have good news for you, although not huge. 14th of September, we will start selling a limited number of day tickets (50 for each day. Next to that we have decided to sell 30 more weekend tickets. It’s not much, but at least we can make 30 more people happy.
Ticketsales opens Thursday 14th of September at 12.00 (midday/midi). Our advice is to be there in time! Get them at our ticket page.

Ticket sales online 14th of June

On wednesday 14th of June 12:00, the presale of the weekend tickets will start. No stress, last years CaDansa was sold out only a week before the festival. But because it’s the last edition you don’t want to miss, we advise you not to wait too long with buying your ticket. It could sell out before because it’s the last. The ticket shop and info about the prices you will find on our website.

Half September the presale of a limited amount of daytickets will be available online. More information will follow later.

Sad news – Last CaDansa

Coming CaDansa will be (at least for the time being) the last CaDansa. I (Louise) had to decide, with pain in my heart, to quit with the organisation of this festival. And at this moment, this means that it won’t continue. After 6 beautiful editions of CaDansa, it’s time for new projects. In the following video I’m explaining a bit more about the reasons why.

Heartwarming Support Tickets

Do you love CaDansa as much as we do? If you are in a position to contribute in making this festival even more special, you can help us now! You can do our community a favour by pre-ordering your special Heartwarming Support Ticket and provide us a financial base to get this year’s CaDansa on track!

Of course we will return this favour in several ways. You will get your CaDansa 2017 shirt (design is still a big secret) before July, so you can take it to all festivals. During CaDansa you will get a special tour over the festival site by Louise, you can ask her anything Additionally, we will host a Meet & Greet & Drinks with musicians and volunteers. We’re still working on other small extras to express our appreciation, we’ll keep you posted on our plans. And maybe you have some special wishes?

You can get your Heartwarming Support Ticket for 180 euro. This includes a full weekend ticket (Thursday – Sunday), the CaDansa 2017 t-shirt in advance, and more small extras. Most importantly of course, it includes a warm fuzzy feeling of helping us make CaDansa into the festival it is. These tickets will be available from 1st of May.

The new team

Just before the last CaDansa I heard the whole team that was helping me throughout the year with the organisation was going to leave me after this edition. (All with good reasons, fulltime jobs, familie expansions, desire to just enjoy CaDansa as a visitor after helping 3 years.) But of course it scared me a bit, what now? Luckily I found 4 new lovely people who wanted to commit to co-create a sixth CaDansa. May I introduce you: Fulco Zee, Jelrik van Hal, Elsbeth Hoogers and Marloes Wanrooij. I’m happy to work with them.

Time schedule online

We put the time schedule of the main stage online. Check it out to see when your favorite band performs. The time schedule of the open stage will be announced during the festival. For now we can say that there will be musicians performing, but there will also be time for the silent disco. This year we also want to plan some time for session music/bœuf. Do you want to be the leader in a session and help people out who are not that experienced please e-mail us It is also possible to sign up for DJ during the silent disco and we still have some slots for musicians who want to perform.

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017