CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

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Although the festival will keep you busy most of the time, you will probably want to catch some sleep at some point. Having a sleepover at another folkie’s house is of course great fun, but there are other accommodations.

Below you can find up to date information about the different sleeping options.

Camping at the farm (including breakfast)!

Put your tent somewhere at the orchard of organic farm de Horsterhof, or sleep in the (halfopen) haybarn! It could be a bit chilly in October. And for the real farm experience, you can also sleep in the hay. There is simple sanitation, one toilet and one shower that can be used for a short time. If you want to shower a bit longer (or do not want to stand in line), you can also use the showercart at the schoolyard of the primary school. The farm is at 3 km from the festival, which is perfectly fine by car or bike. You can also walk the distance if you like long nightwalks…
It costs 15 euros to sleep here, including organic breakfast. You reserve your spot by sending an email to
Be fast, because space at the farm is limited!

Address: Horsterstraat 1, 6921 AM Duiven

Vakantiepark Arnhem

You can rent a cabin at  Vakantiepark Arnhem that houses 6-8 people. If we know more about discounts you can read it here.

Address: Kemperbergerweg 771, 6816 RW Arnhem

Sleeping in primary school Remigius

The sleepingplaces are sold out for the school! If you bought a ticket for 25 euro, to reserve a spot in primary school Remigius on our ticketpage, you can stay at the school from Thursday 17:00 until Sunday 12:00 and make use of the showercart on the playground. Don’t forget to bring your own sleeping bag and mat.

Address: Droopad 1, 6921 XM Duiven

Campervan on schoolyard Remigius

If you bought a ticket, for 30 euros you can park your campervan on primary school Remigius’ schoolyard, in spite of how many people will sleep in the campervan ( 4 people is a good number). The campervan could stay from Thursday 17:00 until Sunday 15:00. You may also use the facilities inside the school and the showercart on the playground. Be aware: the entrance gate to the playground has a width of 275 cm (108.27 inch) and there are no other ways to enter the playground!

Please be aware that sleeping in your car/campervan on the street is forbidden in the Netherlands.

Address: Droopad 1, 6921 XM Duiven

Hotels in Duiven

Hotel Gieling
Adress: Nieuwgraaf 4, 6921 RJ Duiven

Van der Valk hotel
Adress: Impuls 2, 6921 RK Duiven

Hotel Campanile Zevenaar: With Hotel Campanile Zevenaar there is no specific deal, but at this moment (juni 2017) they offer hotel rooms for 120 euro for 3 nights. Distance to the CaDansa: 5,6 km.
Adress: Hunneveldweg 2A, 6903 ZM Zevenaar

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CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017