CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

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Ticket sales

All sorts of tickets (including Heart Warming Support Tickets) are gone, as the tickets for friday,saturday and sunday  are SOLD OUT.

On Facebook people will be trying to sell their weekend tickets last minute, because they cannot join for whatever kind of reason. Keep an eye on our Facebook event!

Heartwarming Support Tickets for CaDansa 2017

Do you love CaDansa as much as we do? If you are in a position to contribute in making this festival even more special, you can help us now! You can do our community a favour by pre-ordering your special Heartwarming Support Ticket and provide us a financial base to get this year’s CaDansa on track!

Of course we will return this favour in several ways. You will get your CaDansa 2017 shirt (design is still a big secret) before July, so you can take it to all festivals. During CaDansa you will get a special tour over the festival site by Louise, you can ask her anything Additionally, we will host a Meet & Greet & Drinks with musicians and volunteers. We’re still working on other small extras to express our appreciation, we’ll keep you posted on our plans. And maybe you have some special wishes?

You can get your Heartwarming Support Ticket for 180 euro. This includes a full weekend ticket (Thursday – Sunday), the CaDansa 2017 t-shirt in advance, and more small extras. Most importantly of course, it includes a warm fuzzy feeling of helping us make CaDansa into the festival it is. These tickets will be available from 1st of May.



Prices Weekend Tickets (available from the 12th of June)

Ticket General Admission Discount
HeartWarming Support Ticket SOLD OUT
Full Weekend ticket + extra’s
 € 180,00 not applicable
Full Weekend (with Thursday) SOLD OUT  € 92,50  € 80,00
Weekend (without Thursday) SOLD OUT  € 77,50  € 67,50
Sleeping Ticket (in the school) SOLD OUT  € 25,00
Camper Ticket (on the schoolyard) SOLD OUT  € 30,00
Weekend tickets (with and without thursday) include entrance to all workshops

Prices Day Tickets (available half september)

Ticket General Admission Discount
Thursday SOLD OUT  € 18,00  € 16,00
Friday SOLD OUT  € 25,00  € 20,00
Saturday SOLD OUT  € 35,00  € 30,00
Sunday SOLD OUT  € 20,00  € 18,00
Workshop passepartout (only needed with day tickets)  € 25,00 not applicable
Day Tickets do not include entrance to the workshops, you need to buy a passe for the workshops if you do want to attend those.


To create some more clarity about the different kinds of tickets we offer, here is a short description of them:

Full weekend Ticket (with Thursday)
Entrance to the festival (on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) including all the workshops. Excluding sleeping and catering.

Weekend Ticket (without Thursday)
Entrance to the festival (on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) including all the workshops. Excluding sleeping and catering.

Sleeping Ticket (in the school)
A 5 minute walk from the festival is a primary school where we can sleep. You’ll sleep with about 12 people in 1 classroom, and you’ll have to bring your own sleepingstuff (sleeping mat, sleepingbag, pillow etc). You can shower in a showercart in the schoolyard.
Beware, this year the school will close at Sunday 12.00 PM. You can leave your luggage at the consigne in the OGtent.

Camper Ticket (at the schoolyard)
A 5 minute walk from the festival is a primary school where we have limited spots voor campers(RV’s) on the schoolyard. 1 ticket is 1 place for your vehicle, including a maximum of 4 people to sleep inside. You can shower in a showercart in the schoolyard.
Beware, sleeping in your car/camper on the street is prohibited in the Netherlands!

Questions about tickets

For whom is the discount?

When you have little money to spend and the full price would be a reason to not go to the festival (for example when you are a poor student, unemployed, just got robbed, etc), you qualify for the discount rate. You can decide this for yourself. Remember that the organization does not make profit, all the money benefits the festival. When you can miss the full price, it is more than welcome! 🙂

Can I bring my kids?

You can bring your kids, but we do not provide childcare. Kids under 14 years old can enter for free. They have to be under supervision of an adult (18+).

Help! I lost my ticket, what should I do?

Don’t panic, you can request your tickets easily on the website of ticketscript. Contact the support desk of Ticketscript when this doesn’t work.

I cannot come to CaDansa anymore. Can I get my money back?

Unfortunately we cannot return money. But you can make someone else happy with your ticket since they are not attached to a specific person. You can offer your ticket for sale on our Facebook event.

I have another question, where can I find more information?

For questions about your order you can contact Ticketscript via their website. For questions about the festival itself you can see whether we answered your question in the FAQ. If not, we explain in the FAQ how to contact us.

Where can I buy workshoptickets?

We don’t sell the workshoptickets online, but at the entrance of the festival. We do this to prevent the mistake of only buying a workshopticket and not the entrance to the festival.

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017

CaDansa Balfolk Festival 2017